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Floral Ethos

My ethos is simple - to offer locally grown flowers to my local community.  In this fast paced often very serious world, I wanted to spread a little joy and inspire a life outdoors.


I wanted to offer treasured garden style varieties that had been grown naturally in our local environment the old fashion way.  Flowers that hadn't arrived in a box but had been handselected from the garden to order and delivered direct to my community that were free from nasties and unnecessary packaging.  They are grown with consideration for our environment and allow you to have a direct relationship with your flower grower.  By choosing locally grown blooms, you are supporting a local business which in turns supports local community.

  • Gown locally, right here on your doorstep

  • Handpicked fresh from the farm

  • Offering unique seasonal colours and varieties

  • Free from nasties & unnecessary packaging

  • Grown with consideration for our environment

  • Have a relationship with your grower

  • Supporting local business, supports local community


We understand you have choices. We aim to price fairly taking into consideration

  • Our flowers are artisan, not grown at scale

  • Our time and experience, it is labour intensive, we do things by hand with a lot of love

  • Our varieties are curated, often rare, difficult and expensive to source

  • Our blooms are hand selected fresh from our farms hydrated ready to enjoy or create with 

  • We grow with consideration for our land investing in putting back what we take

  • We encounter losses due to growing in an uncontrolled outdoors environment 

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