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Flower Care

To ensure you get the best vase life out of your beautiful blooms please follow the suggested care tips.

Recut Stems

If your stems have been out of water in transit they might have sealed over resulting in your flowers being unable to drink water to rehydrate.  Recut stems at a 45 degree angle and place straight into water.


To revive dehydrated flowers recut stems and place in water up to their necks and leave them overnight in a cool dark spot before arranging.  Search online for variety specific tips.


Fresh Water

Change your water regularly.  Bacteria can grow in your water blocking your stems ability to drink.  Every few days rinse your vase, recut your stems, edit past blooms and fill with fresh water.


Perfect Position

Most flowers don't enjoy sitting in full sun baking in warm water.  Select a cool spot away from direct sunlight and ripening fruit for longevity.



Different varieties have different vase life.  Edit out wilting blooms and pick off foliage below the water line as this decomposing material breeds bacteria which can block your stems ability to drink.

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