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Seasonal Stems - Peonies
  • Seasonal Stems - Peonies


    Flouncy end to spring, bunches from $25

    • Peonies are a late spring bloom that bring a flouncy party vibe as tempatures rise.

      Peonies have a short bloom season between November and Mid December depending on varities grown.  I personally have earlier season varieties - corals (start of bright and fade to that famed peach), soft pinks and the odd white.  However you can hold them by cold storing them if you need them for an event.


      Priced from $25 a bunch - if you would like a larger bunch, when ordering you can include in the notes section the value you wish to spend.


      Each bunch is an individual. The varieties and colours will vary from the images shown to reflect what is in bloom in the garden at the time of picking.  All blooms are locally grown in Central Otago. 


      Peonies are short lived, to extend their life keep their water fresh, and find a cool spot out of direct sunlight.

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