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wedding + event blooms.

If you have found your way to this corner of my website, you must be in the throws of planning an exciting wedding or event and you are looking at options for flowers. 

Below is a few reasons why you might like to consider including locally grown blooms for your event.

  • access to garden style flowers in seasonal colours and varieties you might not find else where.

  • they are handpicked fresh from the farm especially for your event.

  • they are free from nasties & unnecessary packaging.

  • they are grown with consideration for our environment.

  • You have the opportunity to engage directly with your flower grower.

  • buying local, means you are supporting local business, which supports local community.

As a grower, not a florist, I rarely get involved in event work.  If you are interested in using locally grown blooms, connecting your event to the local community there are few options below.

Event Florists

There are many fabulous event florists in our region, each with their own unique style and take on flowers.  My recommendation is to check out their websites and scroll through their Instagram to get a taste for their latest work. 


If including local grown flowers is important to you, remember to specify this with your florist.  Check out the list of florists I supply flowers to through Three Valley's Flower Farms.

DIY Event Blooms

DIY blooms can be a really fun and unique element to include in your event.  It is a great activity to unite friends and family pre-event and adds a gorgeous personal touch to the day.   It can also be a great way to stretch those precious pennies further, but before you head down this path seriously consider 

  • your available time and support. Preparing your own blooms is a big undertaking, you will need to allow plenty of time pre-event to arrange and set up your blooms and post event to pack down.  

  • the tools and elements such as snips, vases and venue dressing you might need to source.

  • your vision for your florals, do you or your support team have the skills to execute what you image.

  • the seasonal availability of flowers.  Flowers are field grown and exact variety may not be available.

  • the setting and weather. How to transport your blooms to site and keep flowers fresh till the event.

  • carving off elements to a florist to spread costs and reduce your preparation.

Locally Vera from Alpine Blooms Farms specialises in working with and supplying DIY Brides.  Alternatively I offer seasonal mixed buckets for creating with through my store.

Elopement Blooms

After much arm twisting I am offering my relaxed garden gathered style blooms this season which are based on what is available in my garden at the time of the event. 


These can be tailored to a specific colour palette but if you are after a specific style or flowers, I suggest getting in touch with one of our amazing local florists who will be able to create that for you.  Bouquet and buttonhole package from $200.

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